CONSTRUCTION AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT encompass activities related to the study, regulation, control and planning of the city, in addition to the art and technique of designing and creating the environment inhabited by human beings. Its purpose is to organize space and its elements as well as solving issues related to the use and occupation of land, especially in urban areas. It has a multidisciplinary character, within a social context of growing demographic pressures, facing demands and issues related to civility and sustainability. ENGECORPS has been active in this segment for over 20 years, highlighting the following projects:



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. Basic and Final Designs of the Buildings of Residencial Penedo Mata Atlântica, Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
   Riacho Novo Empreendimentos Imobiliários and Acciona Empreendimentos
. Memorial of the Wind Farm of Tramandaí, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
   EDP Renováveis Brazil
. Final Design of the Command and Control Building of the Penha Lock, São Paulo, Brazil.
   Water Transport Department of the State Government of São Paulo
. Management and Supervision Works of Banco Santander Data Processing Center, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.
   Banco Santander Brazil
. Project Quality Control (PQC) of the Industrial Plant of Brasília, Federal District, Brazil.
   Medley do Brasil / Sanofi-Aventis
. Onda Azul Project and Marina at Barra do Rio Cotegipe, Brazil.
   MMC Group
. Final Engineering Design for the Functional Suitability of Domingos de Morais and Comandante Sampaio existing train stations,
   São Paulo, Brazil. Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos



. Basic and Final Designs of Parque Reservatório Olaria, São Paulo, Brazil. Water and Electricity Department (DAEE-SP)
. Design of Construction Works for Tunnels, demolition of the Perimetral Overpass and harmonization of the designs related to the
   Revitalization of the Waterfront Area (Porto Maravilha) of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Porto Rio Consortium
. Urbanization of Residencial Penedo Mata Atlântica, Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
   Riacho Novo Empreendimentos Imobiliários and Acciona Empreendimentos
. Final Designs and Urbanism, Earthworks, Drainage, Sewage System and Water Supply - Barão de Antonina, Serra Azul, Irapuru
   and Lucianópolis. Cia. de Desenvolvimento Habitacional e Urbano-CDHU
. Final Design of Construction Works for the relocation of João André Port in the municipality of Brasilândia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
   Construções e Comércio Camargo Corrêa
. Final Design of the Municipal Recreation Area in Anaulirândia at the Reservoir Basin of UPP-CESP, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
   Cia. Energética de São Paulo-CESP
. Final Design of Parque da Orla in Presidente Epitácio and Parque do Povo, São Paulo, Brazil. Cia. Energética de São Paulo-CESP
. Engineering Studies and Designs for the Genesis II lots. Takaoka Empreendimentos


. Cut and Hillside Resloping Design and Landscaping of SP-98 Highway, Mogi das Cruzes – Bertioga Section, São Paulo, Brazil.
   Highways Department (DER-SP)
. Landscape Design of SP-55 and SP-98 Highways Junction.
   Highways Department (DER-SP)
. Engineering and Landscape Design for Hillside Stabilization Works at Caruxa Street, Morro da Lua.
   Local Government of São Paulo – Public Ways Department (SVP)
. Feasibility Studies for the Recovery and Revitalization of Tietê River and its surroundings, upstream from Penha Dam to Mogi das Cruzes.
   Water and Electricity Department (DAEE-SP)