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 Engecorps Engenharia S.A.

Founded in March 1990, ENGECORPS congregates a multidisciplinary team of high technical ability and strong academic background, with over 200 professionals working together both in the domestic and in the international markets. Its staff is composed by technitians, graduates and a broad roster of national and international consultants from various specialties.
ENGECORPS is dedicated to developing projects in different areas of knowledge such as: Construction and Urban Development, Energy (renewable and nonrenewable), Water Infrastructure, Mining, Water Resources and Environment, Environmental Sanitation, Transportation, and acts in the Management and Supervision of Works.
It is prepared to meet the more specific requests, always within the norms and technical standards required, thus ensuring excellence in the implementation of all steps consistent with the project.
ENGECORPS holds back six offices in Brazil: Central Office: Alphaville (SP); Regional Offices: São Paulo (SP), São Carlos (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Belo Horizonte (MG), and Brasília (DF); Two International Offices: Dominican Republic and Peru, and four offices for specific projects: Campinas (SP), Correntina (BA), São Paulo DAEE (SP) and Guarulhos (SP).
 Alameda Tocantins 125, 4th floor
 Alphaville - Barueri - SP
 TEL.: 55 11 2135 5252
 FAX: 55 11 2135 5244