The ENERGYsector represents an important development component of the country, of which energy matrix is strongly based on renewable sources, mainly on biomass and hydroelectricity. During the last years, the sector has been investing on the remaining water potentials and also on new sources of renewable energy, principally winds power. In this context, ENGECORPS has been actively acting in the HPP and SHP sectors and increasing its participation in the wind power and thermoelectric sectors, this being the only one that does not employ a renewable source.
ENGECORPS was primarily organized with the intent of carrying out studies and projects in this segment, enlarging, in the sequence, its portfolio of clients along its 20 years, where the following works stand out:




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  . Engineering projects and construction supervision for the Tramandaí Wind Farm (31 wind generators – 70 MW), in Rio Grande do Sul,
   Brazil. EDP Renováveis Brasil

. Engineering project for replacing the transformers and installing armored cubicles.
   Companhia Energética de São Paulo (São Paulo Power Company) - CESP
. Basic and final projects for the substation of the Tramandaí wind farm, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Step-up transmission substation
   from 34.5 KV to 69 KV. EDP Renováveis Brasil
. Basic and final projects for the transmission lines ( 23 km) of the Tramandaí-Osório wind farms, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
   EDP Renováveis Brasil



. Final project, technical support and Energetic and Flood Control Studies of Mogi-Guaçu Multiple Use Reservoir (7.2 MW), São Paulo,
   Brazil. Companhia Energética de São Paulo (São Paulo Power Company) - CESP
. Feasibility studies and basic project of Batatal HPP (75 MW), São Paulo, Brazil. Companhia Energética de São Paulo (São Paulo Power
   Company) - CESP

. Additional motorization studies for Engenheiro Souza Dias (Jupiá) HPP - 120 MW - Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo, Brazil.
   Companhia Energética de São Paulo (São Paulo Power Company) - CESP
. Technical and operational services for assessing CHESF (11,000 MW) and ELETRONORTE (9,400 MW) assets targeting privatization.
   Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento - BNDES

. Hydroelectric inventories of the Paranaíba (total of 422 MW) and Pardo (total of 263 MW) rivers HPPs in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and
   Goiás, Brazil. Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica (National Agency for Electric Energy) - ANEEL
. Pre-final project of the São Jerônimo SHP (15 MW), Paraná, Brazil. BRASCAN Energética S.A.
. Hydroelectric inventory of the Medium Tietê river (385 MW), São Paulo, Brazil. Empresa Metropolitana de Água e Energia (Metropolitan
   Company for Water and Energy)SA - EMAE

. Hydrologic and energetic studies, analysis, auditing and support for obtaining the Operation License of the Barra Grande HPP (690MW),
   Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.. Energética Barra Grande S.A. - BAESA
. Local Indepedent Engineer of the Campos Novos HPP (900 MW), Santa Catarina, Brazil.
   R.W. Beck International e Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
. Final project for rebuilding the Pedrinho SHP (16.2 MW), Paraná, Brazil. BRASCAN Energética S.A.
. Feasibility studies for upgrading and re-powering Guaporé (1.5 MW to 6 MW) and Andorinhas (0.6 to 3.3 MW) SHPs and adaptation
   and complementation of the feasibility studies, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. CPFL Sul
. Basic project for the Passos Maia SHP (14.5 MW) on Chapecó river, Santa Catarina, Brazil. BRASCAN Energética S.A.


. Installation monitoring and the start of operations of the Amazon thermoelectric plants (143.5 MW). The North Energy project, Brazil.
   Inter-American Development Bank - BID