The MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION sector offers the Global Engineering for enterprises, optimizing the investment required (cost / time / quality) to deploy engineering projects. Thus, monitors the implementation of undertakings, taking into account the goals outlined, with a strict control of the stages of the execution of the works. ENGECORPS acts as Owner's Engineer, in an integrated and synchronized manner, gathering the efforts of those involved in the project, making use of current methods of work.
ENGECORPS is in this business for 20 years, listing the following MAJOR WORKS.



   CONTACT:    gerensup@engecorps.com.br





. Management, review and update of engineering studies and projects as well as the supervision of the works of the Las Placetas
   hydroelectric project, Dominican Republic. CDEEE
. Works Supervision of the Tramandaí (RS) Wind Farm. Elebrás - EDP Renováveis Brasil (EDP Renewable Brazil)
. Construction supervision and electromechanical equipment expediting and mounting in the Cana Brava (GO) HPP, as a Local
   Engineering Firm. Companhia Energética Meridional (Meridional Energetic Company) and BID
. Follow-up of the Campos Novos (SC) hydroelectric power plant construction. RW BECK


. Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the Integration Project of the São Francisco River with other river basins located at
   northeastern North of Brazil - Lot A, State of Pernambuco. Ministry of Social Integration
. Technical assistance and consultancy services for the north axis works (approximation channel and Tucutu dam) of the Integration
   Project of the São Francisco River, State of Bahia. Ministry of Defense

    . Technical follow-up of DIFS works - Itabiruçu dam, Itabira Complex, State of Minas Gerais. Vale
    . Elaboration of final project, works technical follow-up and "As Built" for Mogi-Guaçu (SP) MU, as well as energetic studies and
   floods control. CESP



. Environmental recovery of the Uberaba river basin and revitalization of the water supply system - "Água Viva" (“Living Waters”)
   Project - Uberaba, MG. Uberaba City Hall
Support to the General Management of the dredging, recovery, conservation and Maintenance of the Alto Tietê Watershed Rivers,
   including local drainage works. DAEE-SP
. Technical advice, management and technical follow-up of the works necessary to implementing the 1st to 5th stage of the sanitary
   landfill in the city of Nova Iguaçu, RJ. Haztec-SP
. Final project, follow-up and technical advice to implementation and operation of sanitary and industrial landfills in Muribeca, as well as
   the percolates treatment unit, in the municipality of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, PE. Haztec-SP


. Technical and environmental supervision of São Paulo state freeways recovery program - Stage III - Araçatuba Regional Division,
   SP - DR-11. DER-SP
. Management and inspection of civil works for expanding the quay, power network installation and construction of buildings at Santa
   Catarina S.A. terminal. TESC and WRC Operadores Portuários (Port Operators) S.A. REDEX, in São Francisco do Sul, SC. TESC
. Supervision of works for recovering the vicinal roads included in the São Paulo state ”PRÓ VICINAIS” (PRO VICINAL) - 4th stage
   program financed by IBRD, Lot 4 - DR-4, Araraquara, SP. DER-SP
. Final project and technical follow-up of the works for building a bridge over the future navigation channel, located downstream from
   Promissão HPP - BR-153, Promissão, SP. CESP
. Technical advice for SP-55 and SP-99 road junction works at Bertioga, SP. DER-SP
. Final project and follow-up of the SP-123 embankments stabilization and platforms recovery works, Piracuama-Campos do Jordão (SP)
   stretch, at KM 33,5; 37; 41; 42,7; 43 and 43,3 as well as a diagnosis and basic project at some points identified between KM 31 and 46.