The WATER RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT area involves the study of surface and groundwater in nature, available for any use, region or watershed, aiming to guarantee the standards of quality and quantity, adopting the integrated management of the water resources, using preventive or corrective, punctual or distributed, educational and legislative measures.


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. Study for the integrated usage of Pernambuco hinterland water resources project and final project of the initial stretch; EIA/EIR for the
   hinterland channel of Pernambuco, BA and PE. CODEVASF
. Basic projects for dams and generation works, the EIA/EIR for the Jequitaí Dams and final project, environmental studies and
   supervision/inspection of the Jequitaí I (MG) multiple use reservoir. CODEVASF
. Environmental management and analysis of sustainable development in the region of APA Tietê as well as the implementation of the
   Parque das Águas center at the Tietê Ecologic Park - PET, SP. DAEE
. EIA/EIR and basic environmental project for the navigation channel of the Ondazul Enterprise, AL. MMC Group
. Consultancy in the environmental area, environmental licensing and operation license procurement for the Barra Grande HPP enterprise,
   SC and RS. BAESA
. EIA/EIR for Pernambuco arid region channel and adducting system, PE. FUNCATE




. Water resources management instruments for the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil and support to its implementations, SC. World Bank
   and Secretariat for Social, Urban and Environment Development (SC)

. Water users’ registration and improvement of the system of the water resources grants in the state of Espírito Santo, ES. IEMA
. Water resources use rights granting manual, to guide the water use right granting mechanism - Secretariat of Water Resources, of the
   Ministry of Environment, of Water Resources and Legal Amazon. FUNARBE
. Hydrologic and operational studies at the Piracicaba river basin, targeting the expansion of the concessions for the Paulínia refinery -
. Support to the implementation of water use charge at UGRHI 6 - Alto Tietê, SP. FCTH
. Project for implementing the water resources multiple uses geo-referenced information system on the São Paulo state (SP). DAEE
. Ecological and economical macro zoning, Environmental planning and Ecological-Economical planning: macro zoning of Vale do Ribeira,
   SP. SMA
. Agro ecological macro zoning project for the west of the state of Bahia, Brazil. DERBA


. Development of the water resources portfolio for the northeast. Ministry of Budgets and Management and Booz Allen
. Update of the Avança Brasil (Forward Brazil) (2007/11) plan of investments portfolio, in the areas of water resources and sanitation.
   Ministry of Planning and Budgets and Monitor of Brazil

. Actions program for the area of influence of the Paulínia refinery - REPLAN, SP. PETROBRÁS
. Evaluation of water supply alternatives for the Paulínia refinery - REPLAN, SP. PETROBRÁS
. State plan for water resources and use charge regulation in the state of São Paulo, SP. DAEE
. Water resources master plan, proposal for Water Bodies Classification in the XIV - Camaragibe and XV - Northern Coast hydrographic
   regions, AL. SEMARH
. Priority works atlas for the semi-arid region, update/enhancement of the Northeast atlas, Metropolitan regions atlas and water urban
   supply for Brazil atlas. ANA
. Feasibility of transposing waters from the São Francisco to the northern semi-arid region and basic project for the 1st stretch of works
  (Cabrobó- Jati), PE e CE. Ministry of Regional Integration and FUNCATE