The ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION is a set of structural and non-structural actions related to water supply, sewage and industrial disposal and proper handling of solid wastes and urban drainage (micro and macro). It aims to control the sanitary conditions in order to improve the quality of life, avoiding, basically, the disordered use and occupation of the soil, environmental degradation and disease transmission.
With 20 years experience in working in the field of environmental sanitation, ENGECORPS conducted more than 80 studies related to the subject, being the major projects listed below.



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. Consultancy for elaborating the semi-arid region priority works atlas. ANA - Agência Nacional de Águas
. Consultancy for the Northeast atlas update and enhancement - urban water supply - and for elaborating the metropolitan regions atlas -
   urban water supply. ANA - Agência Nacional de Águas
. Elaboration of the water supply atlas - Complementation for Brazil. ANA - Agência Nacional de Águas
. Supervision of Uberaba river watershed environmental recovery project and revitalization of the water supply system - Água Viva
   (Living Waters) projec. Uberaba City Hall


. Elaboration of the macro draining master plan of the Quilombo brook watershed. SRH
. Urban draining master plan for Vitória municipality. Vitória City Hall
. Elaboration of the urban draining master plan for the Cachoeira river basin. Joinville City Hall
. Technical and economic feasibility studies and final project for the flood peak damping containment reservoir on Olaria brook. DAEE-SP




. Basic Sanitation, Water and Sewer Municipal plan. Joinville City Hall
. Basic project / final project / System commissioning / Technical assistance for the municipality of Itu Sewers Treatment and Final
   Disposal system. Itu City Hall - SAEE
. Basic and final project for the Araçariguama effluents segregation and treatment system. SABESP
. Projects for sanitary sewer system and support to implementation of the Água Limpa (Clean Water) program, at the Paraíba do Sul
   river basin. DAEE-SP
. Elaboration of final projects for sewers segregation and treatment - Água Limpa program. DAEE-SP


. Studies on slurry treatability and basic project for the slurry treatment station of the Lara sanitary landfill.
   Lara Comércio e Prestação de Serviços (Lara Trading and Services Provisioning)
. Final project / Follow-up of the sanitary landfill in the city of Nova Iguaçu/RJ. S.A. Paulista (presently Haztec)
. Final project / Follow-up/ Operation of the sanitary and Industrial landfills in Muribeca, municipality of Jaboatão dos Guararapes.
   S.A. Paulista (presently Haztec)

. Elaboration of engineering project for implementing a sanitary landfill, in the municipality of Resende. Environment State Secretaria/RJ