The TRANSPORTATION area is directed to the infrastructure construction of roads, railways, airport, pipeline and waterways in order to ensure proper operation of existing systems and service plans and goals for the expansion of various modes of transportation. It includes planning, functional and feasibility studies, basic, final and as built designs, in addition to monitoring and technical assistance to the works.


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. Necessities plan for the new terminal area of Cabo Frio (RJ) international airport. Costa do Sol Airport Operator
. Basic project for the Waste Treatment Station in Viracopos, Campinas, SP International airport. INFRAERO




. Basic and final project for the navigation channels in Bariri and Promissão as well as SP-485 highway bridge columns protection in
   Nova Avanhandava, SP. CESP
. Studies and Project for the Tocantins-Araguaia hydro way in the stretch between Xambioá/TO and Marabá/PA. AHITAR and Nacionarte
. Study for checking the load flow at Paraná River hydro way, SP, MG e MS. AHRANA
. Ivinhema river navigability study, at the stretch from its mouth to upstream from Nova Andradina- Ivinhema junction highway bridge, MS.
. Basic project for completing the Tucuruí floodgates works, on the Tocantins River, PA. Ministry of Transportation and AHIMOR
. Studies and final project for the civil and electromechanical works at Penha, SP floodgate.Hydro ways Department
. Final project and technical follow-up for the Tucuruí HPP floodgates work, PA. Camargo Corrêa and ELETRONORTE
. Equipment inspection and expediting, management and electromechanical final project of Floodgate and bottom discharge on the Tietê
   river- São Paulo, SP. DAEE-SP and Consortium Calha F2
. Navigation (hydro way) feasibility study on Preto and Grande rivers located downstream from Sobradinho, in the Project for Transposing
   the Tocantins river basin to the São Francisco river basin, TO and BA. Ministry of National Integration and FUNCATE
. Technical studies and interface to the conceptual project for Astialba, Venezuela shipyard. Andrade Gutierrez
. Feasibility studies and draft of works for disposal and confinement of sediments dredged for the recovery and environmental dredging
   of the access channel and evolution watershed at Cosipa Port Terminal, Cubatão, SP. USIMINAS




. Certification and approval of São Paulo (SP) subway Line 4. Via Amarela Consortium
. Project for functional adaptation of CPTM’s Domingos de Morais and Comandante Sampaio stations, SP. CPTM
. Functional, basic and final project for the Pinheiros station in São Paulo - SP, subway Line 4. CMSP y Via Amarela Consortium
. Final project for the reconstruction of the Pinheiros station (partial) and final project for the Morumbi station (partial) in São Paulo - SP,
   subway Line 4. CMSP y Via Amarela Consortium


. Technical advice for foundations liberation - Mário Covas Beltway - South stretch, SP. LENC, Figueiredo Ferraz, ENGER and MWH
. Technical and environmental supervision - State highways recovery program - Stage III - Araçatuba - DR-11, SP. DER-SP
. Final project for the Platform (locations) containment and recomposition of the SP-123, Piracuama-Campos do Jordão stretch, SP. DER-SP
. Final projects for freeways improvements and duplication, embankments recovery and studies for obtaining environmental licenses -
   DR5 (Cubatão) and DR8 (Ribeirão Preto), SP. DER-SP
. Environmental studies as well as basic and final projects for an uneven device, at SP-55 and SP-98 junction, Bertioga, SP.
   DER-SP and Galvão Constructing Company

. Final project and technical supervision of the works for the bridge over the future navigation channel downstream from Promissão HPP -
   BR-153, SP. CESP
. Road works final project for the Jequitaí I (MG), multiple uses reservoir. CODEVASF


. Basic project for tunnels between the Dom Duarte Leopoldo and Silva street and the Francisco da Costa Pires avenue, Santos, SP.
   Santos City Hall

. Final project for the Quirino dos Santos bridges and embankments, near Playcenter at Tietê river marginal way, SP. Jatocret
. ”Via Expressa Linha Amarela” (Yellow Line Expressway) - Lima, Peru final project. OAS
. Final project and technical supervision of the works (straightening and heightening ) for the Maria Amália Lopes de Azevedo Avenue, SP.
   Public Ways Bureau - SVP/PMSP and Cappellano Constructing Company
. Final project and technical supervision of the works (recovery and stabilization ) for the Luiz Parizotto street- Inhumas Brook, SP.
   Public Ways Bureau - SVP/PMSP and Encalso Engenharia (Encalso Engineering)